Posted March 28, 2020 at 09:00 am

by monday i should have something neat for patreon donors. im glad the new month is actually on an update day this year, i rarely get this lucky. uhhhhhh shit what else. i have no other news. here's a picture i drew yesterday:

a picture of valdo the future butcher as an uncommonly bulky 15 year old swinging a nearly 7 year old maxine around in a circle because he was told to watch her while her grandmother hashed out some business with his dad and he doesnt know how to interact with kids and all he’s thinking about is how his friend told him that there’s a secret code in tomb raider that lets you see laura crofts boobs and he’s going to pummel his friend if it turns out to not be true

after this maxine was fed a moderate amount of cold hot dogs to keep her busy

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