Posted April 1, 2020 at 09:00 am


hello friends. the new DLC for A Ghost Story is now available for FREE download! welcome to BURGERQUEST 2!

jack henderson and maxine gottwin crave the sizzling hot beef of a freshly made hamburger. it's up to you to make sure they get it! can our intrepid heroes enjoy a hamburger sandwich? find out by playing BURGERQUEST 2!


q: my anti-virus is flagging this game!

a: anti-virus is designed to block any .exes that are not code signed (a process i discovered is VERY expensive and outside my purchase range) which includes any games made by RPG Maker. you'd think RPG Maker would have some kind of fail-safe against this but, well, here we are.

this is not a virus. there is no virus in it. if my bad game blows up your computer feel free to ruin me personally or hire a hitman to destroy me. here is the report from "virustotal", a website that tests your files against a vast majority of anti-virus software:

virustotal report

explanation of the false flag

simply tell your anti-virus to shut up and download the game. then you may enjoy it at your leisure.

q: what do i do in this game?

a: it's a pretty small scale game: walk around and look at things and then try to go get a burger. go ahead. try. try it.

it is a walking game. you walk in it. and read silly things.

q: what button do i press on the menu screen to make it go?

a: your action button is Z

q: is there a screamer in this game?

a: absolutely not. i hate screamers. i will never use them for anything.

q: i found a bug/error/spelling mistake!

a: too late burgerquest 2 is here now