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Jack and Maxine investigate consecutive cases of murdered children and finish the job by exterminating their ghosts.
Jack and Maxine try to make some money killing a child no one asked them to.
Maxine nearly drowns in a few inches of water. Victoria is introduced and makes an unusual request.
To his immense horror, Jack is forced to hold an infant. Lucy oozes her way into our hearts.
Tired of being second best at killing children, Jack and Maxine hunt for a murderer.
Jack and Maxine run afoul of The Ankou Society, a government entity that has mysterious plans involving corpses.
An attempt to return some property to a client results in multiple felonies. Meet Vera!
The gang celebrate's Alice's birthday.
Maxine is forced to team up with an Italian.
Maxine gets locked into a bad contract and calls on her friends to help.
Jack has a bad day without Maxine.
Maxine falls in a hole.