Posted June 1, 2023 at 09:00 am

only 2 more pages left in this chapter. 2 more. i can smell it. and then i get to draw maxine for a very fun amount of time. after a long break.

thank you for your continued support. after this chapter is done i will be annoying on my various socials about getting people to read it. this in particular is the most successful chapter in terms of what i felt like i was trying to do with it. the information i was trying to convey, the improvements i made and whatever so on and you know. so it would make me happy for people to read it in an incomplete state that isnt inherently frustrating to read for most people.

sincerely, genuinely, thank you all for your continued reading and support. the story i want to tell has become more formed during this time and i see how things progress in the grander scale from here pretty clearly. stick with me and ill at least make you lol at some of the shit im coming up with