Posted June 12, 2024 at 09:00 am

  • everything has been changed to a tip jar type format with the exception of the 25 dollar tier, which is the same. im getting older, im still recovering from being really sick from victorian wasting diseases, i've got a wedding to plan/decorate, and when im better i'm not going to have as much time since i'm going to be focusing on having a kid. <- additional new reason to be neurotic about art/life
  • each tier comes with a reminder to cap donations since i charge per page produced, which equals out to 9x a month.
  • when you sign up you now get links to the three .pdfs i have for sale "shitty garbage", "in the black" and "you hunted" for free.

now is a great time to update your pledge if you're already a member; i never want people to donate what they don't have or overpay and start to feel used. thank you as always for what support you can and do give. i cannot stress enough how beyond comprehension this all is; it is mindblowing to remember that i have an audience of people who choose take time out of their life to laugh at my jokes or read the stupid shit i say. thank you all again.

if i owed you a review or a comic or other patreon reward, email me at and i'll be sure to make you whole. sorry for the mess.