Posted September 2, 2020 at 09:00 am

hello everyone, i am so happy to be back with another chapter of "a ghost story" for you to read.

this is year 7 of "a ghost story" and this was, i think, the first page i have made that i looked at and felt legitimately happy with making. it has only been recently that the things i see in my head have started to make their way only the screen as i draw. this is very exciting and its starting to make drawing less of a terrible slog again.

webcomics often feel like an uphill battle. i dont know how to advertise my comic to people because i did not take pride in it until i started redrawing it (and i can't show the redrawn things to people except patrons until it's fully done, but im 28 pages in) and was able to see the enormous leaps and bounds in improvement. showing my comic to people and trying to explain "well its bad at first but it gets better (i hope)" is a rough sell. and now i'm just kind of stuck, not sure how to move out of the comfortable box i've carved for myself when i didn't want to be seen so much. 

it's getting harder to laugh, i wake up every morning already tired just thinking about the inevitable onslaught of information i'm going to have to imbibe just as a consequence of existing. i hold my nose to the grindstone and make art and watch things fall apart and feel sick for how out of control and my hands everything is. but i can draw hands better now so.

the 3 seconds of dopamine you get from reading a webcomic 2x a week is not enough to get you through every day but every little bit helps. i hope you laugh. i hope you feel some things. this is a chapter i am going to enjoy making

thanks for reading, sharing, laughing, being my friends.


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