Posted March 25, 2020 at 09:00 am

nothing too exciting to report. still chugging along on a small project you'll see soonish. in fact i'm going to spend all day today trying to do an enormous chunk of it. i have a sketch done for this chapter's end poster. and then i'm thinking ahead to the next chapter. how do you all feel about.....murder mysteries and reflections on what maxine's freakin PROBLEM is!!

like most of the human population right now, im swept up in animal crossing mania, a game that has only ONE ghost: wisp

my experience with this guy sucked. after doing his shitty little fetch quest, he gave me an alarm clock i already owned despite only having played the game for 3 days. an entire catalog full of garbage to bestow upon me and he managed to dump a duplicate item into my lap. stupid little triangle headband asshole.

at least i have merengue

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