Posted May 5, 2021 at 09:00 am

crushing pages lately but yesterday i was totally thrown off my game. hopefully will have a new one available for patreon.

speaking of which, ko-fi is a website with patreon-esque features AND the ability to do one off donations, with plans to introduce tier rewards very soon (really, the only missing thing). the team over there seems to have an extremely good concept of what their site audience needs and offers way way WAY lower fees on the backend than patreon. patreon has been robbing me blind for years while letting their dinky little website either get updated for the worse or crumble into digital dust before thier eyes. ko-fi has been on my radar for a long time and i will start directing people there as well patreon. if you're on patreon just stay there for now. the "per thing" payment model on patreon is how i prefer to charge people (you should only get charged for work i actually do!!) and ko-fi doesn't have that yet.

right now as you can see, i am mostly using ko-fi as an art gallery for random shit i draw. but now i will also be uploading pages over there under a folder available to monthly donors. updates will still be on patreon. nothing is changing, im just adding a new thing for when patreon collapses under the weight of all its sins!

a ko-fi button will appear on here at some point

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