Posted May 1, 2021 at 09:00 am

wahoo its a new month!! thank you all for joining me for another 30 to 31 days. its only 2:30am today so im going to have a bowl of cereal.

i don't really have any news. thank you for your continued interest and support. im growing pretty fast at getting pages out. im turning some kind of corner i think. im frustrated my buffer got run down so much but i really had been juggling it for a long time so it's not like i squandered it instantly.

i'm working on wrapping up the redraw of the first chapter before i give it a final edit pass and its the first time i've really had to read and confront my old work directly. if i had to look up something in my canon, i would have a ridiculous, and frankly insane, terror reaction. full throated anxiety to look at a .png i made with my own hands. it's not fucking frankenstein, it can't get me so what the hell was my problem? sometimes it was so bad i had to ask friends to do it.

at worst my old pages are bad, as many webcomic first pages are. now, having forced myself to redraw these pages, i have overcome my fear of pixels that i am responsible for making. this is a normal problem normal people have, i'm sure.

in the past i would be VERY self-conscious about these kind of slow(er) paces scenes for a multitude of reasons. 1. people were paying for this shit. 2. i had a very small timeframe to make an impression before people got rightfully bored and dropped off. 3. webcomic pacing, due to the limitations of the medium itself, is tedious. why aggravate an already sluggish update schedule (at this point i was only updating once a week as i was in college and barely doing a job)?

but now i feel like i can slow down. hopefully this is not too slow. it is hard to moderate this pace. look. we're only on page 70 of this chapter and we. we still have a long way to go. like a lot. and it's a lot of jack interacting with his environment like the world's saddest point-and-click adventurer. he's on an adventure where girls yell at him all the time. its character development. i LIKE character studies. this is barely that because i write like stephen king in the 80s without being able to blame cocaine, but i like to write about people. indulge me. at least you'll laugh (?)

movies review soon, now that i don't feel like i'm drowning. sorry for the delay. as it turns out theres a lot of stuff to do in a new house and also i got that vax shot and it turned my non-dominant arm into a big log of pain.

uhhh thanks for listening. happy may day. labor is entitled to all that it creates.

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