Posted May 16, 2020 at 09:00 am

i have 30 more reviews to clean up for the bad movie zine and a ridiculous graph im making before the next edition is done. i have done lots of editing to make things less nightmarish, less error-addled, organized and coherent. its good now. its 88 pages long with over 75 reviews.

if you've already shelled out the $5 to buy it, great news! the update, and all other updates, are free. it will be sent to the email you bought it with via gumroad. 

i'll also be chucking it up on if that's your storefront of choice. why not.

give it a little more time. im also still working on that campaign with my friend. its a hoot. plus, you know. this comic thing. anyway, smell you later! that's what im up to.

oh also my solution for the movies didnt work, the latency is so bad my computer is making impromptu youtube poops out of criterion films. back to the drawing board i guess.

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