Posted April 29, 2020 at 09:00 am working on a campaign for my friend's new tabletop game hunters and horrors which has a free preview you can look. or throw the dude a few bucks if you think it's worth it. it's heavily based on the bloodborne aesthetic and that flavor of cosmic/gothic horror and mine is typically obnoxious as the things i do tend to be.

a new month is starting soon so if you'd like to join the patreon now's a great time! on the 5th i post a news post that includes links to a dropbox full of old patreon content so you dont have to go through the AWFUL infinite scroll to see the neat stuff in there. i have some ideas for stuff i want to do but i need to find the time for it. it'll see! the most recent thing i did was another update to the redraw of book 1 chapter 1 which i plan to release as a .pdf for free for patreon (and a small fee for everyone else. its very nice looking. take it from me, the my-own-art hater) which includes an author/artist commentary on the changes and why they were made. here's a sample.


pretty cool!!!

things are p good. i know things are rough out there. if you're like me, you're scrambling and climbing the walls waiting for your stupid check from the government to come in. mine is finally just getting mailed on the first. you guys have kept me afloat. thank you for your support. this shit sucks. we in hell now. at least we in hell together.

stay safe.

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