Posted April 15, 2020 at 09:00 am

some kind soul has been re-uploading old bloom county strips to places where i can read them and 1. i've forgotten how much i loved this comic and its been a delight to re-read. i used to pour over my mother's old copy of "bloom county: babylon" as a 10 year old barely understanding 2/3rds of the jokes but being entranced by the line-work and body language and the depth of these various awful but relatable characters. there was a barely perceptible knowledge that somewhere in these esoteric lines where was a joke because i could FEEL it even if i didn't understand it yet (now that i know who lee iacocca is, more of these strips make sense). my aunt had the remaining strips that covered the arcs where they formed the awful metal band so someday, i'll hav eto take the plunge and buy these books for my own collection so i can read them whenever i want.

2. its weird that they edit the guns out of them now.

anyway here's my favorite strip

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