Posted July 20, 2016 at 09:00 am

no real news to report aside from this: welcome all new hiveworks nerds to the hiveworks....hive. i hope you enjoy your stay and i look forward to seeing what kind of cool shit youve cooked up. additionally: thanks to everyone who tried to submit! trying is the hardest part of being alive and thats more than i've ever tried to do. if you have that much faith and love for your work, you'll keep trying and trying and well i dont know what happens after that. ive never tried anything in my life and now im a mess so its gotta be better than that. try hard so you dont become me.

hey also: i've been re-reading an old favorite comic of mine this week and im going to try to sell some of you on reading it. its called 'hitmen for destiny' and it follows the adventures of a woman named anette who finds a magic sword that binds to her so she can fulfill her prophecies (i realize this sounds very generic, bear with me). to make sure the prophecies happen smoothly and go as planned, she is secretly trailed by the two titular "hit men for destiny", who are extremely terrible at their job and ruin everything right off the bat on the first page of the comic.


now i know youre looking at the art and youre like "oh i see bea is recommending something as a joke". but no, i promise you, this is sincerely a great piece of writing. the art does what it needs to do, which is get information across to you coherently. its not the focus of the story. the focus is in this absolutely bananas, farcical plot where everyone keeps doubling down to make things way worse than they already are. oh, and also the really weird monster designs.

anyway please read it and then drop me a line on my twitter or tumblr or smth and tell me what you think. personally i think its super great and i wish i had even one fraction of the writing strength thorsby has. especially when you make it to the ship. oh my god i love the part with the ship.

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