a deluge........of news
Posted July 16, 2016 at 09:00 am

ok i got a lot to say this week so hold on:

FIRST all patreon donors can score this new wallpaper that i made this week. it features two original characters do not steal. hope you enjoy. who's sonic the hedgehog ive never heard of him.

patreon donors also get a new world building wednesday comic about that gross goop ghosts got. the full comic is on patreon but of course non donors get a 2 panel preview.

ok lastly the new ghostbusters was a load of fun. i say this with no political or social agenda and in fact went out of my way to avoid as much press about the movie up until the critic reviews were released, so dont get a bug up your butt. it was better than i expected and i went in expecting something just okay. its fun. the secret to enjoying it is to treat it like its own movie. its completely tonally different from the original in a way i thought was very satisfying and a hoot. if youre at this webpage right now on purpose, youll like it. treat yourself.

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