Posted February 24, 2021 at 09:00 am

visual aid for the comic


ok i actually have news today. a few weeks ago, a reader named mo feltz (@cornmomey on twitter) reminded me that there is single piece of flash content on this stupid website that i completely forgot about entirely. the 2017 april fools page was totally defunct because. uh. they murdered flash with no meaningful or elegant way to convert flash videos that have interactivity and action script. seriously i scraped my ass up and down the internet looking for literally any tool that would convert it to (presumably) interactable HTML5 but it was a no-go. so fuck!

anyway, here's the video as it is now

i spent a weekend fixing the file to convert it to a non-interactive .mp4 which meant adding a little mouse cursor animation at the beginning (i wanted the cursor to feel like a human was using it instead of just having it mechanically move up to the icon to click it) and now here it is. thank you mo, for noticing. i love to see people noticing things on my webcomic. remember your ABCs:




thank you again sincerely mo, you saved my ass and it was very nice of you to reach out to let me know. thank you very, very much!

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