Posted January 27, 2021 at 09:00 am

no news. i've been very busy with some personal life stuff. again. the good news is i finally have a ceiling. the bad news is we are now looking for an entirely new ceiling and a bunch of rooms to go with it. this is an exhausting process as it turns out.

i hope, someday soon. i will be in my own home. and i will worry for nothing. and i will just finally be able to sit and work. in the meanwhile. i hope this makes you laugh.

i think i've mentioned this on patreon a few times but this is probably going to be a longer chapter. i dont care bc im having fun. i hope you will too. we have lots of bases to circle back to before we move onto the next story beats.

despite never knowing where im going in life i know where this stupid comic is going, sadly.

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