Posted November 13, 2022 at 09:00 am
i am very sorry for another late page. i hope the the aggravating complexity of it is not too evident. actually i finished all but the third panel by 7am today and realized there was no way i was going to be able to finish before 9. since my wrist was buzzing from carpal and i was mentally exhausted, i had to reluctantly stop while "so close to the end" (wrong) and made the mistake of thinking i could take a 2-3 hour nap before getting back to work (wrong).

i slept for 7 hours and only woke up because adam came in to make sure i wasnt dead. i ate dinner and watched a pop team epic and then that fucking nightmare of a panel seriously took me 4 hours. embarrassing. and not for any other reason other than uhhh.
okay so my process for AGS is like this:

1. waste 10000000 hours "thinking" (fucking about) what the page should look like
2. at the 11th hour, the page springs fully formed into my brain and i have no options but to follow my directives to get it out

and when i say "fully formed" i mean "i can see each panel before i make it in detail in my mind's eye with perfect clarity". for a long time all i could envision were things way above my skill level which was very frustrating but now im able to at least imagine things in my art style so they're achievable. if i did not draw the 3rd panel with effort to create what i wanted, i would be haunted by its mediocrity literally every single day of my life. there are panels i want to go back and fix bc i still think about them and how "wrong" they are compared to what i REALLY want.

anyone else normal