Posted October 17, 2020 at 09:00 am

no news today. i streamed "the thing" last night since this week's horror movie theme is 80s and 90s. kurt russell wears maybe the best and most understated hat in cinema history in that movie. no one on screen is like "nice hat moron"

in the commentary carpenter and russell giggle about it which is a hoot. russell says it "commands the scene. it's a scene about a hat". 

i told my boyfriend, who was sitting befind me but doing his own thing "kurt russell has a great hat in this movie" and when i showed it to him he described it as have elements of a taco in its design. every time the hat appeared i got very excited. i'm scraping together serotonin from what little sources i can these days. sometimes the only way to get it is by looking at a funny hat in a movie you like.

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