Posted November 3, 2021 at 04:00 pm

anyway hello. sorry for the late update. these things happen and also i told you last month that i was going to take a hiatus this month so you know. this is vacation time or whatever.

short info:


you can follow A Ghost Story and get notifications about updates @ghoststorycomic on twitter

longer info

hello, i just want to make the purpose of the hiatus clear so people don't think im running off as webcomic artists are wont to do. also i think partially this is really just to assure myself. i have to have a little faith that you guys will still be here when i get back lol. i hate breaking the comic's schedule, especially twice in one year (the knowledge that i did this/am doing this haunts me and gnaws at me). nothing kills a comic faster than a busted update schedule. and sometimes punctuality is literally all you have.

i tried and failed to take a month off earlier this year. i mean i took it off but i made a hiatus comic while still making the main comic while taking adderall for the first time, causing my brain to quantum tunnel through my skull like barry allen. i am not doing a hiatus comic this time. i hate this, but i need to finish long overdue patreon obligations and take a minute to collect myself before i die of a stress induced heart attack at age 32. my house needs to be cleaned. i need to buy new underwear. i just need like. a minute. despite always being at my desk and goofing off i feel like i never have time for anything because i "should be working".

anyway. patreon will continue to update as usual. on saturday, i will update with a little image telling people immediately when we'll be back.

see you in a month! or soon if you follow the twitter. ill do a little more than updates on there.

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