Posted October 23, 2021 at 09:00 am

no news so you get to listen to me ramble. well some news: as you know all supply pipelines are fucked up in every conceivable way. i have merch in the pipeline but there's simply nothing that can be done for a reasonable price at this moment. things will probably get much better after christmas given uh, the...economy...gets good. or whatever needs to happen.

other than that: i've been drawing valdo a lot lately bc im having trouble getting a consistent beat on his size/weight (big). here's some fun fact i've discovered while doing this: if you want tutorials on how to draw fat bodies you're already asking for a huge ask because, and i don't know if you have observed this with your eyes, but people come in a lot of different shapes. when we say "thin" there's a very specific western ideal that people tend to default to because it is the media's most marketable. thin people come in a lot of shapes and sizes too! but they have different challenges when it comes to drawing. the challenge with fat bodies is understanding 1. how heavy fat is (yeah i know a pound is a pound; i mean really conceptualizing what that feels like to hold) 2. combining that information with gravity while 3. taking the fluidity of fat into account and lastly 4. discovering how fat distributes on the body. okay now that we have that concept in mind: we also now have to think about the lifestyle of the character involved (the amount of muscle, or where muscle is, is pretty important. valdo is muscle-fat because he lifts cow chunks for a living. and regular fat bc he a nearly 40 year old father).

victoria, conversely, writes for a living and hardly ever leaves her home. she's another one i've been trying to work on getting to the right size and shape now that i have a little more artistic confidence. she's supposed to be a big lady! her weight sits very different and, i hope when i draw it now, should be softer and more pliable. i hope this made sense because this was a big waste of your time and if it was also word salad then i might owe you money for reading it.

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