Posted February 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

hi! some news:

1. the move has gone amazingly, but my stuff (including the device i need to actually draw my comic) still doesn't arrive until wednesday. THEN i will get back into the groove of making comics. prepare your ass. in the meanwhile i have bene plotting out the rest of this chapter loosely and preparing for the next book. additionally...

2. the post above is the first 4 pages of IN THE BLACK but as YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE...unless you donate to patreon. then you've seen these. but there are 19 (or 20) of these pages for you to stare at with both of your eyes, if you so desire.

some people, (hard as it is to believe) have been asking abt a printed version of AGS. the current pages of book one are...not good. they were the best i could do at the time, but they're totally unfit for print in both terms of being low quality (i would feel awful charging money for it as is) and every page becomes an impossible to read black blob when put to page. so, i've been working on a major facelift of old pages while at the same time doing some light editing to tell the story a slightly better way than i was originally capable of when i was in college and working.

its really exciting for me to be able to do this, and really rewarding. there's something really cathartic about being able to edit your own pet project and, WEIRDLY, have ppl be supportive of this. if you want to look at these pages early, throw a buck at patreon and enjoy!

as of rn there's no ETA on when the book will be ready, but i'm clipping along at a reasonable pace and im happy with the results. they're still not perfect, but i feel like its much closer to what i was trying to achieve.

see you soon with more NEW pages!

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