Posted July 1, 2020 at 09:00 am

im playing bloodborne again. i missed this game so much. i am was dying of thirst, now i am quenched.

i have much to work on. im going to be busy. mostly hampered by a disastrous sleeping schedule again and one technological misfortune after another (my car! my cintiq! my knee!). but i have many random projects im working on. i have movie reviews to do for my personal site. i have a commission for a friend to do. i have writing work to do for a tabletop project. i am dipping my toes into learning how to do let's plays for these dumb fromsoft games. and also i guess this comic.

keep eyes peeled for what the front page of this is going to look like because we're almost at the end of this chapter and you know what that means....1x a week updates for you babey!!! and 2x a week updates for patreon!! whoo!

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