donation drive
Posted June 3, 2020 at 09:00 am

this week, gumroad is offering to donate their service fees in solidarity with their creators who are donating their proceeds to charity.

in order to take advantage of this offer, i’ll be donating all proceeds from sales of my sole gumroad project ”shitty garbage”, a book of bad movie reviews, to Reclaim The Block this week.

"shitty garbage" is an 88 page .pdf featuring reviews of bad movies, rated on a five point scale on how funny, gross, inexplicable, passable and inherently bad they are. includes content warnings regarding sex and various -phobias when applicable and gratuitous. includes a handful of illustrations or informative diagrams as well.

this is a living document; $5 gets you access to this perpetually updating .pdf and new movies will be added as time goes on and new movies are discovered/remembered.

on saturday i will post the receipt for accountability. currently at $111.

thanks everyone, take care

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