Posted April 8, 2020 at 09:00 am

been thinking a lot about dead media and how lucky people are who get to dabble in it as a hobby. "everything is terrible" and "found footage fest" are the biggest titans of found footage and do the kind of stuff i'd kill to do: rip weird and funny VHS tapes they find and archive them so they don't get lost to the sands of time as technology marches on. did you know VCRs are like 700 dollars now? otherwise i'd be up to my ass in VHS tapes and have the worst hoarder's den of awful cartoons and instructional videos for obscure exercise routines intended to be done by exactly three people on planet earth. if not that, than at least a bad movie archival/preservation system of some sort. a national film archive of garbage. that's my very stupid dream. besides making this comic. im really just living a very simple life here. im eating pancakes at midnight. cant ask for more than that.

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