Posted February 15, 2020 at 09:00 am

i don't know if i have anything exciting to share with you guys this week! usual stuff. there's some sneak peeks of some tasteful future merch on patreon. but that's about it.

uhh let's see. it's been one year since i moved to rhode island and i think that's great! i'll have a car again soon so that's good. i have bought myself a single unnecessary indulgence int he form of Al Columbia's newest thing. i don't really miss the comic scene of the pacific northwest but i really do miss the enormous amounts of support and love of small press and underground and amateur stuff. i'm looking for that kind of scene on this coast but it looks like i have to go a little more inland. ill find it. i finally have my feet planted on the ground and now it's time to grow.

share A Ghost Story with your buddies. i like when people read my comic.

oh, right. there's a possibility in the future (hinging on the use of a new, usable comments system that isn't disqus) of opening up comments on the site for a trial run. we'll see. might be cool.

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