Posted February 8, 2020 at 09:00 am

hello friends! i am doing a push for donations this month in the wake of the horrible looming specter of taxes and because, while i am currently able to survive on my current set up, i am struggling to make any kind of leeway financially that would allow me to do things that are semi-essential to my career path like “attending conventions to sell” or “making merch” or “putting money into savings for an emergency”. these are all things i would like to do!

i am not asking you to donate for nothing and i never will. my patreon offers many things for people who read my comic or, if that isn’t exactly your bag, i also do reviews of bad movies (which I collect into a .pdf and give our for free to patreon donors/update for free after an initial $5 purchase) or movies requested by you, donors! i will not ask for only donations when i could work for you. i want to entertain you and make you laugh. i want to create things that lighten the collective load we’ve all been carrying for so long.

entertainment, writing and telling stories is my passion. i love making this comic and i wake up every day grateful for what i get to do in exchange for money and excited to do my job. i could use your support in keeping this going if you can manage to give. every little bit helps and i really appreciate all the love given to me over the years. i would like to keep making things for you all for as long as i can. thank you!

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