Posted January 15, 2020 at 09:00 am

hello all. ive been tangling with existential despair lately as tax season looms, so that might end up being a frequent subject of this new box down here. the tax process for self employed people is brutal and now, more than ever, overtly cruel. there's a lot on my mind financially that's hard for me to talk about; i'm very frustrated with knowing im staring down the barrel of 4 months of internal torment over something i have no control over. 

more than anything i want the time and energy to be able to redraw the first book of AGS so i can print it sometime before i die. 23 pages of the first chapter isn't bad but not nearly fast enough. i've got side projects on the backburner. i'm keeping up with patreon stuff but just barely. i just want my mojo back.

well. wish me luck. things are going to be tough for a while.

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