stuff im doing
Posted January 4, 2020 at 09:00 am

my eyes hurt. without going into too much detail, im trying something new on the side which might turn out to be a total time sink. nothing like learning a new skill at the last minute for no particular reason with a staunch deadline. this should make it my 120000th project im doing on the side.

besides the side project:

-art i owe for family

-update the bad movie zine, including one review for a patreon donor

-keep pumping out pages of this comic so i can put food on the table

-a goty writing thing im doing for no one other than myself at this point

-prepare a book 2 post mortem

-somehow also work on old pages while doing all of this so i can publish a book sometime before the sun devours the earth in a fiery super nova

-die in my sleep

there's a lot happening. im very tired. send me all your power. thanks

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