Posted July 22, 2020 at 09:00 am

well, that's that!

that's the end of BOOK 2 of A GHOST STORY and i am very pleased with how it ended AND how well the next story line is going over on patreon. i'm already diving headfirst into the next part. i'm really excited for it mostly because it wraps up all this shit about hands so i can stop focusing on drawing them so much.

as always, the end of a chapter means that i take a month off on the main feed while i rebuild my buffer in case of an emergency. in the meanwhile, every saturday you will get a black and white comic page for a short and very stupid comic experiment. i hope you like it. its going to be dumb as hell.

there is a new poster for this chapter coming soon to the store. i have been working on it in between the many other things i've been working on. i would say it's about 70% done. i keep finding new things i want to add to it, so its kind of my fault its taking forever. but it looks nice! i think its my favorite one so far. the typesetting is going to be the real pain.

i am working on other projects and got swamped with real life (not literal) fires i had to put out this month that made working on things difficult so i'm catching up on like 5 different things at once. 

if you would like to help me out, consider donating to patreon (especially so you can see these new pages, early, people have been commenting lately and i've been loving it) or showing people my comic. spread the word! i would appreciate it. now that i have two complete arcs i feel better about trying to throw it at people. when im in the middle of a story line it feels like im going "no i promise this is going places, i swear" to someone who has no reason to believe me.

thanks for reading. love you all.

it's been a crazy 7 years and 2 books.

can't wait for more! :D

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