Posted February 28, 2024 at 09:00 am

rough week. rough month. i keep having to remind myself it won't always be like this. i have bright patches in between medication side effect suffering where i cook like you wouldn't believe. its the slimmest window between the medication wearing off and the withdrawal symptoms showing up. those moments are so good though.

anyway i barely got this in under the wire. only 5 pages were done this month on patreon. glacial pace. i'll try to put up a more formal announcement image to let you guys know i'm going on a small hiatus ONLY HERE ON THE MAIN PAGE. i will keep updating the patreon as normal until my buffer returns which will hopefully coincide with my recovery. i want to get back into smaller doodles too. and complete literally one project. just one. for the love of god i'm so tired of having so many open projects and things i owe people. getting a handful of them off my back on my last hiatus was a load off my mind. instant boost to mental health +100000. i just need to get through this. and get back into it. I WANT MY JUICE BACK!!

i didnt enjoy having to work through all this, but a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do i guess. this stupid pill and the withdrawal makes you experience once of every symptom a person could ever have. it sucks!