Posted February 1, 2024 at 09:00 am

happy new month! my buffer is shot but i am feeling a lot better than i did at the start of last month. this shit is rough, man. why have i started so many projects in my life. i have so much to do, such as:

  • nsfw comic i started a year ago before i got sick - to be fair this one spiraled out of control lol. it was supposed to be like 2 pictures and now its a whole ass comic
  • chapter 1 redraw .pdf - needs a cover and some editing. will sell for $5.
  • the cast page - UGGGHHH nothing says "webcomics" like an outdated cast page. i was like 1/2 through before i lost steam
  • replace the ad spaces with banner ads to things i like - i have a few of these made.

things i should not be doing:

  • writing extensively and obsessively about the plot of bloodborne in ridiculous detail for no financial gain

guess which one i am doing. its the one i gravitate toward the most because it takes the least amount of effort. at least its a really good plot explainer, i think. and once i finish it i will never, ever, ever have to think or talk about it again. it will be out of my head and onto the page in a coherent fashion. i wish i could hole myself up for a week and just smash it out without having to worry about making money.

when i say its gratuitous, i mean it. like:

i'm trying to dissect the plot in chronological order and i'm only at the research hall. this means nothing to non-bloodborne fans but its basically like if i set out to briefly describe the entirety of human history and i was still describing dust particles formed in the big bang

anyway: you can tell i was really going through it when i made this page because there's two panels thats just a talking cone head. what was she thinking!?

happy february. stay warm! i'm going to try to start doing monthly newsletters again!