Posted January 24, 2024 at 09:00 am

hhhooeerrggg. dont feel so good today. i need to make some progress on restoring my buffer. uh, again. im still battling the effexor and this last week has been a real nightmare due to the taper in dose. and for unrelated reasons, my stupid rotator cuff has been the newest target of my joint problems. i don't do any kind of work that involves repetitive up and down arm movements, haven't injured it, and it's been acting up for nearly 2 weeks now, so im going to assume its a palindromic rheumatism thing. its probably just going apeshit at the bundle of tendons in there because the weather got cold lol.

ah, what a pain. i'm coming back, eventually. every day i inch closer.

oh, here. i made these last night and they are incredible. and really easy.