Posted January 17, 2024 at 09:00 am

okay, so remember when i said my basement flooded in passing last time i updated. that was an understatement. what i meant was "we are standing in at least an inch of water across half a basement and its STILL COMING IN AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGG HELP HELP ME". we're fine now. for a while it felt like it would literally never end. it wasnt a burst pipe or even anything we could do anything about; the water table has just been pushed to its limit here (it rained half of the weekends in RI last years x_x) and the storm rains finally had nowhere else to go but into people's houses. we were not alone; the floods were so bad the entire RI community is begging for the government to do literally anything to stop things from turning into soup

our basement is split into a finished and unfinished half. the finished half seemed (?) okay, but the unfinished half was barfing up water at a rate of, no joke, 1 gallon a minute. i timed how long it took to fill up the 15 gallon sump pump we had to run out and get as an emergency. while nothing is lost (whew! adam has lived in RI his whole life so he already knew better than to keep important things on the ground), the clean-up process was brutal. it took literal days of the two of us slowly vacuuming up water and then going to sleep for 2 hours and then waking up to more water than we started with. eventually we knew the water had to stop but it felt like an eternity. several days of bad sleep later and its finally over...until the snow melts lol.

however, i really jacked up my body as a combination of being in evil dank basement water, which made my joint disorder pop off, and probably just being out of shape. and the effexor withdrawal, (still tapering!) my shoulder and hips hurt so bad.

so i've been doing bad at work. not great. back to the grind today, hopefully, now that im not feeling as bad and my basement no longer looks like a public pool.

anyway. thats why this was late today and why i've been slow on patreon. sorry about it.