Posted June 29, 2022 at 06:42 pm

hello, i thought i would return from my vacation and leap right back into comics. boy was i wrong. instead i slept for like 36 hours and broke out in hives. im still recovering, but managed to churn out a little something for the main page.

i was also inexplicably banned from twitter while i was asleep with no reason given. actually thinking back on it, i wonder if it was connecting to the stupid airport wi-fi that did it. this is literally occurring to me now. if so twitter is the stupidest service in the world. i didnt even click to connect it was just automatic from my last visit. that can't be right, right. anyway. ill figure something out. but im always @ghoststorycomic. which is safe due to my excellent and angelic behavior

i can be ur angle....or ur devil

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