THE END!!! OF THIS CHAPTER!!! please dont leave me
Posted June 1, 2019 at 09:00 am

hi. after 83 pages this shit is finally done. we did it...only one more chapter of this jed-centric story line before we move onto SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY. i am excited to feel like i am making progress.

if you dont want the updates to ever stop, then now's the time to throw a little bit of money at my patreon. any amount gets you access to updates and you guys will be 9 pages ahead of the rest of these SLOBS who must simply wait until the comic returns from the dead in 1 month.


otherwise: the site won't go entirely dark, but the update posts will be short comics on saturdays only just to keep things from getting stale.

the comic will return proper on JULY 3rd!!! mark your calendars.

thanks for reading A Ghost Story. trick your friends into reading it for me. its all i ask. as well as asking for your money.

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