Posted December 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm

the first hiatus is running from dec 23rd-jan 2nd. second hiatus details to follow. im flying out to reno for the holidays, babey!!! i will try to keep this site not entirely dark with a quick doodle comic next saturday (dec 29th). because i won't be around my cintiq, i cant make any promises. the comic will come back for like a week and then disappear again while i go apartment hunting.

if you want some AGS related stuff to trawl through, consider throwing a buck at the patreon. or, save your money for next month to buy a digital copy of my perpetually updating bad movie guide "shitty garbage" (the most recent edition is available for patreon donors only right now). i wanted to wait until i had a significant amt of pages in it

don't forget to share the comic if you like it! reblogs, retweets and just linking it to people helps a lot.

thanks again! hopefully see you at the end of the year. if not....thanks for reading for another year!!! 5 years of AGS has been incredible and these last few months have been some of my fav to work on. i feel like im starting to get in a groove again! you guys have made me laugh with all the weird shit you say to me about my characters and the great jokes we make with them. thanks for liking these horrible little bastards i've made. they're a lot of fun and i still cant believe this is my job. its been absolutely amazing!

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