Posted November 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm

hi first out of curiosity bc a random stranger on tumblr asked: i made a popularity poll for the main characters. thanks for contributing! i'll announce the winner on saturday!

im in the homestretch of my move to rhode island, which is scheduled for february. im extremely stupidly pumped for this move, but i can use all the financial help i can get, so i ask you to please consider throwing me a buck or two in exchange for me working hard for you, always!

for 4 year i've been running my patreon successfully and using the funds to live entirely off my webcomic and the work associated with my patreon account. here's a bunch of stuff you get in exchange for putting some monetary faith in me:

  • MORGUE CART!: a series in which i show you weird books i find at my volunteer job. these are FREE for anyone to read, even non-donors. except for the special educational posts where we focus on a single extremely bad work i found.
  • WORLD BUILDING WEDNESDAYS!: a feature detailing little bit of world lore that are both important and trivial! which sadly predate the patreon tagging system; it only shows 7 but there's at least 50 if you scroll far enough!
  • PREVIEWS OF THE CHAPTER 1 BOOK RELEASE: chapter one is being redrawn entirely and will be released as a .pdf ebook for all to purchase! but if you're a patreon donor you'll get a free release and get it page by page as i complete it! i wrote a persuasive essay telling you why im doing this and why you cant stop me.
  • SHITTY GARBAGE: a zine im creating to sell for very cheap as a guide to bad movies i love and recommend and the reasons why i recommended. intended to help you choose a movie for the mood you're in.

PLUS: if youre a patreon donor, you can force me to draw you a picture ($15 tier), watch terrible movies ($10 tier), and answer your questions about the comic ($5). for $1 you get to at least look at everything, just not participate.

thanks for reading! im unbelievably stressed about the cost of moving and the ambiguity of the future. but i am also very excited for the crazy good life that awaits me there. thank you for the support and help.


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