Posted August 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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greeting friends, it is the horrible summer time and i am being eaten by bugs. there's actually news this month! things have been comparatively busy lately. ty for being patient while i slowly churn out work

UPCOMING PROJECTS: planning on doing another big update to the bad movie zine before the next week is over. 5-10 pages. a lot of these movies i need to rewatch bc its been so long since i've seen them. i want to make sure i dont give each one a super generic "its bad lol" description that reads like an angry video game nerd episode transcription. each of these movies is bad in very unique and very special ways.  there's also a problem i feel like everyone understands: every time i try to brainstorm a list of bad movies i suddenly forget all the media ive ever consumed in my entire life.

another project is the next morgue cart patreon only post. coming before this week is out.

and ofc comic pages are coming out. i am...going to try (and probably fail) to get ahead of my current schedule because i'm planning on taking the week of my birthday off. as an american its my constitutional right and i will not be corrected on this presumed fact.

COMMISSIONS: additionally i will try to take commissions in the future. so if you're interested in that keep an eye out

OUT OF OFFICE: i will be out of office from aug 21st-aug 29th. these out of office times will increase with frequency until february when i might be taking a whole month off to move. AND THEN!!!! i think they will be over. thank you for understanding. skip this next part if you dont care about why ive been slow about things lately


lately i have been struggling pretty terribly with my work life balance, feeling almost like a crappy mother to my comic by feeding it only half the attention i used to give it.  it used to be my entire focus of my life to an unhealthy degree, i felt like i had to keep swimming or i'd die. since starting this patreon i've moved out and become independent (THANKS TO YOU ALL), received a year's worth of consistent therapy and have finally started making significant headway on my social anxiety.  

which is great and all, but it turns out that shit is time consuming. while i've been staying on top of updates, whenever i do slip up or choose to do things other than the comic (now that i actually have things to do and the ability to do them without throwing up from nervousness instantly) its hard not to feel retroactively frustrated at myself for letting life get in the way. 

however, with these week long chunks of time where im gone: this is a tale as old as time but my boyfriend and i are long distance but have the pleasure of being able to see each other frequently and for long periods of time. it rules but its a piss poor substitute for every day contact. but, i will be moving in late jan/february to live with him (THANKS TO YOU ALL) which means that there will in fact be an end to the luxurious vacations i take for my own pleasure that i refuse to feel any guilt about.

anyway thats whats up. i am in a perpetual quagmire of audacious joy at my good fortune at my current state of my life and also deeply guilty for the work im not doing so i can thank you all for the incredibly good position your support has put me in. but that's my default state of being. but every day that becomes less and less true.


well thanks for listening. here's 2 hours of the animated cartoon "fat dog mendoza" to punish you for reading this

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