THE END...of child murder
Posted April 27, 2016 at 09:00 am

YES!!! this whole arc is DONE. it only took a significant portion of my life to do.

but you know what? i liked doing it a lot. it was rocky and weird and theres a lot i need to improve on but i learned a lot and ive been living very happily because of it. the comic is rough and slowly coming together into a better thing to look at and enjoy. thank you for sticking with me throughout this! i feel like my schedule and work ethic/neurosis made reading this very aggravating but i hope you got some laughs out of it at least.

now what? i uh, have no idea. i mean, im obviously going to be working on new pages for the next storyline and doing patreon rewards and stuff but for how long i'm not sure. worst case scenario: the comic returns june 1st. the best case scenario: i will desperately need money and will start producing content before that.

what my plans are:

-the site will not go dark for a (possible) month. every saturday i wil upload a silly quick black and white comic. nothing too fancy, but something to look at

-patreon rewards will continue as usual. if you want access to wallpapers, exclusive merch and MANY exclusive bonus comics, then consider chucking me a buck on patreon. i ALWAYS follow through on getting things done so there will always be new things to look at on there!  plus, patreon donors will see the new pages much much earlier than other people. neat!

-i will be creating a buffer which i plan to eat through during my move to a new apartment. the apartment MIGHT slow down the comic production a little but thats not until june. just fair warning.


additionally, the old 'in the black' print has been updated for the move to the hiveworks store:

looks good right? or at least better. this will be available in a big bundle with the other 3 prints relating to each chapter. poster 4 is still in production but that's next to tackle on my list. 

well. thanks for reading. see you soon??

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