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news news news who is ready for NEWS


HOME AGAIN: i head home on the 7th, which means a return to my usual schedule and no more major slowdown on my work load...or at least not as egregious as this last month. thank you for your patience. here is a picture of my dog for you to enjoy as thanks


i still owe one commission and will likely finish it before i head home.


CHAPTER FINISHING...FOR REAL!!!: now the end is actually in sight and not far off at all. at last this long national nightmare is over. this whole story line is finally almost done

i am unsure what my next move will be. i will be taking a LITTLE time off: i need to draw a print (which i now at least have an idea for!) and get my ducks in a row for the next chapter but for the most part its...pretty planned out. i know where im going with this next one so thats a major amount of the work done. so: plan for a break, but not a long one! and i will probably put up some mini, quick comics ive been meaning to doodle to go along with this chapter just so the site doesnt go dead for that whole time.

however i will tell people ahead of time: the reason i am reluctant to take too long of a break is that i will be moving in june or early july which WILL take a huge chunk of my time and will require some money in advance. i....hate moving...


PATREON REWARDS: have all shipped. if you have not or never received a patreon reward owned to you, send me an email at and we'll figure things out!


if you have other questions or whatever send me emails at and i'll get back to you asap!! im kind of in awe that i finished this entire thing without much incident. thank you for all your support and thank you for reading!!


here's a comic for reading all of that

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