away from home, but not from work/awards???
Posted March 16, 2016 at 09:00 am

yes once again i must make my bi-annual pilgrimage back to my hometown of reno to housesit and dogsit for approx. a month. i will be back home april 7th.

what does this mean for you? hopefully little, as usual. for patreon donors, early updates may be posted at the last possible minute due to hardware limitations and dog/family visit duties. this might shock you but the wallpaper...........might also be late. ill do my best to get something done in a reasonable amount of time before the month ends. WBW and commissions are more easy to make but might be pushed back a little just due to scrambling to finish updates on time.

thank you for being patient!! i know im running around a lot and barely limping by most of the time.



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