Posted December 5, 2015 at 09:00 am

It’s so cold outside and inside you guys. Winter’s the pits.

Anyway, once a month I make a general news post (usually regarding only Patreon things) on Patreon and tumblr regarding what's going on and what to expect behind the scenes. Read on if any of that interests you!

PATREON GOAL SHUFFLE: The current goals will be shifted 100 dollars up because…

NEW $300 GOAL: Yes, again. I’m sorry. Eventually things will settle and will be final but I’m still determining my own ability to keep up with things and what I’m capable of doing in a timely manner. Thanks for being patient!

Anyway the new 300 dollar goal is previous page/chapter analysis! Of a sort. Basically I’d take a couple pages (in order) and go back and talk about what worked and what didn’t work and what I was TRYING to do and what I accidentally did and so forth. I think doing this will help me in the future as I learn to identify my blind spots and ruts I get stuck in. Hopefully it will be useful to you too! Or at least interesting.

SMALL CHRISTMAS HAITUS: Dec 26th will have no update for obvious reasons. I’ll be out of town, using weird hardware to get the updates out on time and the 24th and 25th are going to make it impossible to get an update in on time due to family events. Sorry! But hey, that’s more money for you.

GEE BEA YOU GET SICK A LOT DON’T YOU: Yeah, between the cold and only getting exposed to the same 3 people over and over again, my immune system is basically saran wrap and pixie sticks anymore. I’m determined not to let it get in the way of updates and rewards as much as possible and I’ll do my best to announce late updates in advance.

Stay safe this winter! Remember to check your tires and brakes and to invest in some heavy blankets. Questions or comments can be directed to

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