yay its over
Posted April 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm
this chapter of "a ghost story" is finally at an end after 13 months of long ass storytelling. thank you for sticking with me, or if you're coming back to read it all in one go: thank you for coming back at all. its been almost 5 years and i still love making this comic every day when i wake up. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO!!

for people not donating to patreon, this comic is going to be quiet for about a month while i write and build a buffer for the next chapter. since i have come back reliably after my month break for 5 years straight, i won't be away for too long. if you want even more "a ghost story" in the meanwhile, consider donating to patreon where you'll get:

- completely redrawn old pages to prepare for a print edition of AGS
- new pages weeks before they show up on the main page
- posts abt how the comic is made
- morgue cart updates
- probably more dumb stuff!!! but those for sure

anyway, think about it because it helps me be alive and not be a ghost myself.
donate, see more comics, thank you for reading, consider re-reading bc i would hope it reads better all in one go, thank you for reading again. bye
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