new thing on patreon (free)
Posted January 27, 2018 at 12:00 pm
i'm writing a new thing every week on patreon where i talk about weird books i find. its called "morgue cart". check this space every wednesday for some preview text and an image to pique your interest. please enjoy


after much internal debate about how to do this, i'm finally introducing a patreon article type thing that will both update regularly (every week on wednesday, if possible) and hopefully provide some regular entertainment  for both patreon donors and non-patreon donors. due to the fact that the materials for this section come from a non-profit volunteer organization, these articles will not be behind a paywall.
i waffled pretty hard on whether or not it was ok to profit even by proxy for something like this but in the end decided sharing the bounty was more important. if you want to donate to the non-profit i volunteer for, ask your local library if they have a "friends of the library" sale and go get some weird, old, used books for a dollar or two. it's completely worth even just browsing, i promise you. every week i go into this job is a delight.

until now, these treasures were only posted to my twitter or in private.  each of these books is donated anonymously, no identifying information will be posted or is available to me.  at most, i can just make sweeping judgement calls on peoples lives based on what books were donated and i plan to.  some images are taken by me, some are pulled off amazon due to my poor picture quality. in the future all images will be taken by me. my camera is Bad unless i work hard to make it not bad.

note: the morgue cart is a book cart used to hold books that are in a status of questionable repair and that need an expert to look them over to bring them back to life.

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