your unwavering support
Posted May 3, 2017 at 09:00 am

this weekend i cracked 300 dollars per page on patreon. ive been too sleepy to function well for a few days now but i wanted to say again: thank you to everyone reading this, supporting this and sharing this dumb comic i make. i hope it makes you laugh and it makes you have a good time. good times are few these days; if i can create one for you that's all i've ever really wanted to achieve.

it is still totally unreal to me that this is a thing that i'm able to do. as a kid i had resigned myself pretty early on to a future job that would be lucrative but unfun. i tooled around with journalism (morally bankrupt), advertising (even worse), computer science (way above my capabilities) and I.T. work (soul crushingly dull) in college before i finally had a complete mental breakdown and decided i was going to finally allow myself to have some enjoyable education in art. i assumed i was subjecting myself to a dead end for some temporary relief from the college system.

thanks for proving me wrong repeatedly. i am more than happy to be wrong about this. it still feel precarious and fake and due to collapse at any minute...but its exceptional and special that its happening at all.

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