get a (purposefully) crappy commission
Posted August 23, 2017 at 06:00 am

hey guys, its my birthday today. to undo the evil done on this day, i will be hosting a smallish charity event to raise some cash for a good cause with a very low stakes and chill fun, silly event. get a drawing that makes you laugh or at least go “yep, that’s a shitty drawing for my money”. 

here’s the deets:


1. donate between 1-10 bucks to the human rights watch. i wont stop you from donating more but do NOT expect to get a good drawing. i dont care HOW MUCH you donate this shits gonna SUCK. take a screenshot of your receipt

2. fill out this google form

3. wait patiently until at least after sunday

4. enjoy your crap for a good cause


a patreon exclusive livestream will be held on Sunday, Aug 27th at 12PM PST (3PM PST). if you want more information or want to join us you need to become a patreon donor for my webcomic. during this stream i will be drawing the commissions and we’ll watch some super shitty kids movies, specifically the scottish made Sir Billy and the totally bonkers Freddie As F.R.O.7.

patreon link:

thanks! have fun.

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