Posted December 2, 2023 at 09:00 am

hi all. im taking a month "off" in that the site will not be updating, but patreon will. this is for a few good reasons for a change:

1. i am trying to taper off of the medication "effexor" since it was making me feel like i was being chased by tigers 24/7 and stopped sleeping for a few months. this is a notoriously nightmarish pill to try to get off of but so far it's been ok kicking it down to half of what it was. i already feel much better but the hard work is ahead.

2. i have concrete numbers for our first wedding expense and actual planning to do. i'm contributing to this so i'm brainstorming ways to raise some money. this will take some time and, most importantly, a functioning brain.

3. i would like to rebuild my buffer. updates will continue as usual on patreon! there should be 8-ish updates this month.

4. last month i was completely insane bc i had to take my cat(s) to the vet 800 times for various things all of which turned out to be relatively benign except for poor babybel who has a heart murmur. this means she needs meds 2 times a day. she thinks we are trying to torture and kill her by trying to feed her liquid medication.

5. im still insane for other reasons, but almost better.

I WILL RETURN...you can follow me or a ghost story on tumblr for additional details or to keep up with what i do. i'm planning on doing some streams where we look at the bloodborne enemy models and people can throw me tips for requests.