no news is good news
Posted June 29, 2016 at 09:00 am

nothing new to report with regards to the comic. no real news at all. nice and quiet

starting next month i will be even pushier about the patreon so if youve ever considered throwing a buck my way i'll have cool infographics for you to tell you what you get at each level. a premptive reminder: i have the patreon set up to charge people "per page" (which is usually about 9 updates a month) rather than "per month" because i, personally, for me myself, dislike the idea of people paying me the same for months where i'm not able to churn out at least 9 pages. so make sure you cap your donation so you aren't hit with 9 surprise charges at the end of the month instead of one.

additionally, patreon is how i make my living, so if you like the comic and have the means, please help keep me fed and living in a nice apartment where curious dragonflies try to fly into my mouth every time i go outside.

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