eyyy thats the end of this chapter
Posted March 18, 2017 at 09:00 am

hey so thats the end of the chapter and you know what that means: that's right, a big fat haitus. i know you're excited. so here are the quick facts:

  • a ghost story will return april 19th: i use this time to build a buffer for emergencies. last year it was unbelievably vital so im doing it again this year
  • there will be quick doodle comics every saturday so the site doesnt go dark for a month straight
  • a new print is coming for this chapter
  • if you are a patreon donor you will continue to get a steady stream of comic updates as i upload my buffer for you. if you want to continue to see comics twice a week, consider donating to the patreon. donate at least a dollar a month to see extra comics, extra art, cut content, and see the comic plot months before all the common riff-raff.

if you've been on the fence about donating to the patreon, the money used will go to paying my taxes, which is giving me heartburn to deal with and think about, and my rent. both of which prey heavily on my mind at all times. thanks for continuing to read and for, in that way, supporting me. 

i really do appreciate it, especially when i feel very self-conscious about what im doing in general almost constantly. having support from a bunch of people who dont have to do so means a lot. i know thats a lot of expended energy and money toward something that at best makes you laugh, so the sacrifice on your part is huge and im grateful.

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