oh my god, so much stuff READ THIS PLEASE!!!
Posted February 15, 2017 at 09:00 am

ok, hi. i have a lot of stuff to post

first could you fill out this survey if you read the comic it is about books and printing and all that

thanks id appreciate that

dont forget i'll be at madicon with some new stuff because i learned i have a table to sell things there. so i am making new prints and stuff. here are two AGS prints ive made so far: one is a free gift for patreon donors and the other will be for sale.

mostly i will probably not have ags stuff but if you want those they will probably remain con/patreon exclusive!!! so if you want them show up or donate at least 1 buck to patreon a month!!

also i made a VERY romantic valentines day comic you can read here if you want to read my characters talk about bodily functions again warning: talks about the messed up realities of life NO ONE is brave enough to talk about.......its dumb. enjoy.

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