no update sat 24th 2016
Posted December 21, 2016 at 09:00 am

im taking the day off to celebrate with family. have a happy and safe holiday this year! from me, the maker of the dead people comic you read twice a week

thanks for your support this year. this was a very difficult one for me and it looks like its probably going to get harder next year. i hope things are easy going for you in the future. we could all use a break.

if you have the time or inclination, id like to hear from readers via email. mostly i would just like to get your general ideas on things since i dont really have any sort of barometer or steady way to recieve feedback on what does or doesnt work.

for this reason ive been kicking around opening site comments but on the other hand i REALLY dont want to open up my site comments

so if you think about it, for christmas, id like to hear your thoughts.


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